Our Solution To A Problem

Orion Musical Instruments began as a solution to a problem while Jeff was the Head Band Director at Godley, Texas: finding quality instruments at affordable prices. With Erik Lifchez, Jeff developed the Orion concept. At first, the brand was 'Musician Supply' named for Erik's store in Lexington, South Carolina. In 2014, the Orion name was born at The NAMM Show.

Development & Review Process

Various adjustments were made to the instruments and/or better manufacturers were found before they hit the Texas market in 2015. Our development process is lengthy and includes discussions with the manufacturers, prototype instruments, rigorous testing by band directors and professional players with feedback regarding the tone, quality, and craftsmanship of the instruments. Our development and review process can sometimes take years, but when the instrument is finally ready for production, we know we have a quality, well-built, affordable instrument.

Our Promise

Orion was born in North Texas, where some of the most discerning band directors teach.  Orion has also been in the hands of band students, from beginner to advanced, both on the field and off.  In December 2017, Orion made its national debut at The Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago.  We stand behind our Orion instruments with one year's free maintenance that covers everything but abuse, neglect, loss, and theft. And yes, parts are available.


We at Orion Winds are proud sponcors of Orion Instruments and are excited to showcase the excellence and craft that goes into producing these instruments. Being partnered with Orion Instruments has given us the opportunity to play on some of the first Orion Instruments to make to it the WGI activity. With their continued support and commitment to excellence through the pageantry arts we look forward to our continued partnership into making these the best instruments in the business and we couldn’t be more excited. Without this partnership Orion Winds would not be possible. We thank everyone at Orion Instruments for making this possible and look forward to a long and exciting journey ahead.